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At Bloor Hearing Clinic, we care for hearing health for the whole family, adults and children. We understand that hearing health care is vital for everyone, from navigating daily conversations to learning and growing.

A hearing test in Toronto typically takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. We perform pediatric hearing tests, and industry hearing tests for job applications and Toronto Police Academy applications.

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15 min
Discuss hearing concerns and  related health history
20 min
Actual hearing test including otoscopy, tympanometry and audiometry.
20 min
Go over hearing test result, treatment options and answering any questions

What is otoscopy?

The audiologist will use an otoscope to look into your ear canal, to make sure there is no ear infection, foreign object, wax impaction, or irritation, and that the eardrum appears healthy. We ensure the health and function of your auditory system. Protecting your ear health is more important than ever.

What is tympanometry?

A specialized machine that checks the pressure behind your ear drum. If someone has an allergy, a cold, a ruptured ear drum, or eustachian tube dysfunction, the machine reading can pick it up.

What happens during an audiometry test?

With adults and older children, we perform pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry. Pure tone audiometry requires the patient to press a button when hearing a tone or beep. We graph an insight from your responses to measure your ability to hear different pitches, sounds, and frequencies.

Speech audiometry involves having the patient repeat words heard. With children and toddlers 3 years or younger, we perform visual response audiometry (VRA). With infants, we perform Otoacoustic emission test (OAE) screening.


Why early detection is important?

Identifying hearing impairment and challenges early allows for prompt intervention, preventing further deterioration and negative impacts on daily life, such as difficulty hearing conversations or enjoying social interactions. Moreover, it enables timely access to advanced hearing aid technology and tailored interventions from an audiology in Toronto. This process involves regular hearing tests, facilitating early identification and personalized management strategies for individuals with hearing impairment.

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The following signs of hearing loss include asking others to repeat themselves; turning the TV too loud for others watching with you; close friends or families telling you you cannot hear; avoiding social situations for fear or embarrassment that you cannot join in the conversation due to missing speech. In these cases, the best way to move forward is to get your hearing tested to understand objectively if you have a hearing loss or not.

Sudden hearing loss is a medical condition that warrants immediate medical attention and hearing assessment. In the absence of head trauma or injury, sudden hearing loss could be sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), which could be attributed to several factors and pathologies. Regardless of the pathologies, it is important to get tested immediately to obtain hearing test results.

Untreated hearing loss not only affects your social life but is correlated with an increased risk of dementia. Unlike eye issues, where you know you cannot see clearly if an object is blurry, not hearing something makes you think the sound does not exist (think of the philosophical question – if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really fall?). When you miss out on certain frequencies or sounds because of hearing loss, your brain is starved of opportunities to be stimulated, speech discrimination will deteriorate. Hearing loss is a medical issue and should be treated as such.

Hearing Test (Over 60) Free

Hearing Test (Under 60) $80

Pediatric Hearing Test (Under 18) $100

Industrial Hearing Test (i.e. Toronto Police) $125

Ear Wax removal $95

Office Visit $45

Tinnitus consultation $90

Custom Ear plugs (sleep, noise, musician) $250+

Hearing aid prices depend on the type of hearing aids a patient chooses after a complete hearing test and assessment. They range from $2500-$5000* per pair. The price of the hearing aid also includes 3 years manufacture warranty, 2 years loss and damage warranty, and lifetime in clinic services. Chat with us to learn about our offerings.

*After ADP government funding

Common causes of hearing loss are prolonged exposure to noise or working in noisy environments and aging; both can use the intervention of hearing aids. Sudden hearing loss caused by infection or inflammation can sometimes be treated by medical intervention and medication if caught early.

There are online hearing screenings. However, because computers, earphones, and internet connections are not calibrated. You do not know if the results are accurate. The danger of these tests is thinking you do not have hearing loss when in fact you do.

OHIP does not cover hearing tests or ear wax removal in audiology clinics. The good news is most insurance with work or private insurance plans do cover audiology services and our clinic will provide patients with a detailed invoice for insurance claim. We can also help you find our what your coverage is.

Yes we do. We test hearing for all ages.

Most insurance plans have Audiology coverage. We can help you find out.

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