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As an independent local audiology clinic in Toronto, we are here to help at every step of your journey to better hearing, from choosing the right aid to ongoing hearing care. We are not corporate-owned. Our audiologists select hearing aids based solely on the patient’s individual needs. You’ll enjoy 2 years of loss and damage coverage, a 3-year warranty, and access to all our clinic services, including annual hearing tests, aid adjustments, cleaning, loaner aids while yours are being repaired, and in-clinic repairs even after the warranty expires.

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Hearing aid selection
Hearing aid programming
Hearing aid verification
Hearing aid use education
Hearing aid follow ups
Hearing aid demo
Hearing aid selection

It is our mission at Bloor Hearing Clinic to strive for the success of every patient’s hearing aid fitting, ensuring they are enthusiastic about wearing their hearing aids daily and enjoying social activities again. Hearing aid selection takes into account the patient’s:

  • cosmetic preferences

  • technology needs (i.e. connectivity to smartphones, streaming of music or TV shows, streaming of phone calls)

  • dexterity considerations

  • budget (i.e. payments plans)

  • degree of hearing loss, the listening environment, and goals identified during the needs assessment in the hearing test appointment

With our comprehensive approach, we recognize that each patient’s hearing health care needs are unique. Our team prioritizes delivering a personalized hearing aid fitting experience, recommending the right hearing solutions, brand, model, and hearing technology level that best aligns with the patient’s success.

Hearing aid programming
The value you get out of your hearing devices depends on the skills and abilities of your hearing aid centre or provider. Regardless of the cost, the advanced features of a hearing aid can only be optimized with the programming and adjustments performed by your Toronto audiologists. After hearing aid selection, the audiologist will program the hearing aids according to the patient’s hearing test results and preferences. Programming will be adjusted based on patient feedback, to ensure the best possible care, listening experience, and hearing health.
Hearing aid verification
To objectively measure whether hearing aids are doing what they are supposed to, we use the gold standard of hearing aid verification – Real ear measurement. Real ear measurement is a procedure used to ensure proper sound quality of hearing aids, considering the patient’s hearing loss and ear anatomy. Every person’s ear canal is different, this variation may cause over or under-amplification. During real ear measurement, a tiny soft probe microphone is placed in the ear canal along with the hearing aid. The patient sits quietly while they listen to a recording of a speech passage designed to incorporate most of the speech sounds used in the English language. A running measurement of how the hearing aid works in the patient’s ear tells the audiologist if the hearing aid is working correctly, or if it needs adjustment to give more or less sound at any particular pitch.
Hearing aid use education
Once we complete the verification, we tackle the usage and care of hearing aids. This includes practicing insertion and proper hearing aid maintenance. We take time to assist and ensure our patients feel comfortable and confident handling the hearing aids.
Hearing aid follow up
A follow-up hearing appointment is booked at the 2-week mark, during which the audiologist and patient communicate how the hearing aids are performing and if any adjustments are needed. Advanced features may also be introduced at this appointment at the patient and clinician’s discretion.
Hearing aid demo
Many patients who need hearing aids are curious about what they feel and sound like. At Bloor Hearing Clinic we give demos in the clinic so you can experience them on your ears. We recommend having a hearing test first so the hearing aids are programmed to the correct prescription. In addition, once you purchase the hearing aids you have abundant time to try them in the comfort of your home to make sure they are the best hearing aids for you.
Hearing aid repair
If your hearing aids are not working and you no longer have access to your previous clinic, feel free to bring them to Bloor and visit our hearing clinic. We will help you find out if the hearing aids are under warranty, and how much repair is if out of warranty. Alternatively, we can repair them on-site if possible.


Some signs of hearing loss are asking others to repeat themselves; turning the TV too loud for others watching with you; close friends or families telling you you cannot hear; avoiding social situations for fear or embarrassment that you cannot join in the conversation due to missing speech. In these cases, the best way to move forward is to get a hearing test to understand objectively if you have a hearing loss or not.
The first step is to get a hearing test. We need an unbiased measurement of your ears. If you have hearing loss and struggle to communicate in noise, at work or at home, it is perhaps time to consider a hearing instrument.

Hearing aid prices depend on the type of hearing aids a patient chooses after a complete hearing test and assessment. They range from $2500-$4500* per pair. The price of the hearing aid also includes 3 years manufacture warranty, 2 years loss and damage warranty, and lifetime in clinic services. Chat with us to learn about our offerings.   

*After ADP government funding

Hearing Test (Over 50) $50

Hearing Test (Under 50) $90

Pediatric Hearing Test (Under 18) $110

Industrial Hearing Test (i.e. Toronto Police) $125

Ear Wax removal $95

Office Visit $45

Tinnitus consultation $90

Custom Ear plugs (sleep, noise, musician) $300

Hearing aid prices depend on the type of hearing aids a patient chooses after a complete hearing test and assessment. The price of the hearing aid also includes 3 years manufacture warranty, 2 years loss and damage warranty, and 4 years of in clinic services. Bloor Hearing clinic also carry products for itchy ears, drops to emulsify ear wax, we offer custom ear protection, tinnitus consultation and other audiology related services. Chat with us to learn about our offerings.

Hearing aids prices range from $2500-$5000* depending on level of technology. The pricing is compiled of two components:

  1. Hearing aids are micro super powered computers in your ears, processing the environment up to 1000 times per second. Manufactures spends millions every year to improve the technology and size to make sounds appear as “natural” as possible and help with speech listening. These little devices are built to process signals and differentiate between speech and noise and amplify accordingly.

  2. Audiology services. Your clinician helps you select and program the best suited hearing aid, so it performs and fits your life. Tuning and follow up appointments are essential to have the devices customized to your ears and hearing level. A clinician’s clinical skills can make or break your hearing aid experience. It does not matter how advanced your hearing aids are. If the programming and fitting is inappropriate, patients will not benefit from the hearing aids. At our clinic, you receive the standard 3 year manufacture and 2 years Loss and Damage. You will also enjoy lifetime clinic services (annual hearing test, ear wax management, in-clinic care for life of the hearing aids)

Our clinic also has financing options and will work with you to purchase your hearing aids.

OHIP covers hearing aids to some extend. The Assistive Device Program (ADP) covers up to $1000 ($500 per ear) every 3-5 years. Bloor hearing clinic will handle all application paperwork for patients to access funding so patients do not need to pay this amount when purchasing the hearing aids. We will work with you to find the best suited hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget, and offer flexible payment plans.


Untreated hearing loss not only affects your quality of life but is correlated with an increased risk of dementia. Unlike eye issues, where you know you cannot see clearly if an object is blurry, impaired hearing abilities make you think the sound does not exist (think of the philosophical question – if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really fall?). When you miss out on certain frequencies or sounds because of hearing loss, your brain is starved of opportunities to be stimulated, speech discrimination will deteriorate. Hearing loss is a medical issue and should be treated as such.

You may also want to consult to our hearing test in Toronto today.

The right question is perhaps, what is the best hearing aid for me. Everyone has different ears, hearing needs, habits, budgets, and lifestyles. As an independent clinic, we are not corporate or manufacturer-owned. We dispense all brands of hearing aids. Our audiologist will work closely with you to find the best fit for your unique circumstances and provide quality hearing healthcare.

Most insurance plans have Audiology coverage. We can help you find out.

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