Custom ear plugs and hearing protection

At Bloor Hearing Clinic, we offer custom swim, noise, sleep, and musician ear plugs tailored to each patient. By taking an impression of the ear canal, we ensure that the ear plugs are specifically molded to the patient’s unique ear shape, creating a secure seal.
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As a swimmer or someone who enjoys water sport, a swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) not only cause discomfort and take you out of the water and miss fun, but it is also a health concern as it may spread and develop into a more serious infection. Swim plugs can prevent this condition from happening in the first place. The custom fit ensures proper retention so the ear plugs can stay in your ears even during rigorous exercise. Other important features are bright colors and floatability of the ear plugs. Sorry to disappoint those who may want to make retrieving sunken swim plugs a game!


Many who work in noisy environments are reluctant to wear ear plugs due to not being able to communicate with their colleagues. For example, construction workers, mill work workers, dentists and dental hygienists. Custom noise ear plugs can address this pain point, giving you ability to hear colleagues while preserving your hearing. The ear plugs can come in different sizes (full concha or mini) or different material (acrylic or silicone). Their filters can be swapped out depending on how noisy the environment is. A contractor using power tools all day may need noise reduction rating (NRR) or 22dB, while a millwork worker in a workshop can get away with an NRR of 16dB. The custom plugs stay in your ears while preserving breathability and offer moisture control. So they are comfortable all day.


As a musician or someone who appreciates music, your ears are one of your most important assets. To appreciate the fine nuances of beautiful music and composition, it is important to protect your ears so they can differentiate notes and melodies. If you are potentially exposed to high levels of noise when attending concert, hanging out at bars or performing, custom musician plugs will help preserve your hearing. Musician ear plugs are made specifically to suit music needs. They retain the sound quality and fidelity,  and come in different attenuation – meaning the filters can be swapped out for loud rock concerts (25dB), or being a DJ at a small venue (9dB). Further more the custom  plugs have good breathability, fit, and moisture control, so you can wear them comfortably. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about the musician plug options!


A good night’s sleep is essential to one’s well-being. Unfortunately we cannot have control over our environment. Whether it is a neighbor throwing loud parties, or construction near our home that has a generator vibrating through the night (hello Toronto living!), these disturbances cause great distress and interrupt our sleep. A sleep plug is a good solution for such situations. They have high attenuation to block out noise and custom fit so they stay in your ear. Unlike over the counter drug store foam plugs which may not fit or stay in the ears. Custom sleep plugs help you have a good rest.


Earplugs offer protection from excessive noise exposure. Special ear plugs such as swim plugs also prevent things like swimmers ear. Sleep plugs help to achieve a restful sleep. When inserted correctly with a good fit, and appropriate Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) ear plugs are good investment for healthy ears.

If you are looking for earplugs for sleep, noise, or musician ear plugs, The first thing to consider is Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). It is a measurement of how much sounds the ear plugs attenuate. For example for musicians working in a bar with moderate noise level, 9dB NRR may be suffice. A musician working in heavy metal concerts may require 25dB NRR. Noise filters can also be switched our to change in accordance with the environment.

Ear plugs should also fit your ears well to ensure comfort and good attenuation. At our clinic we take an ear impression mold of your ears so the ear plugs are customized.

Hearing Test (Over 60)Free
Hearing Test (Under 60)$80
Pediatric Hearing Test (Under 18)$110
Industrial Hearing Test (i.e. Toronto Police)$125
Ear Wax removal$95
Office Visit$45
Tinnitus consultation$90
Custom Ear plugs (sleep, noise, musician)$250+

Hearing aid prices depend on the type of hearing aids a patient chooses after a complete hearing test and assessment. They range from $2500-$4500* per pair. The price of the hearing aid also includes 3 years manufacture warranty, 2 years loss and damage warranty, and lifetime in clinic services. Chat with us to learn about our offerings.   

*After ADP government funding

Although some audiologists completed a clinical doctoral degree, audiologist are not medical doctors. Audiologists have a master’s and/or doctoral degree and are regulated health professionals governed by the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario.

Audiologist’s scope of practice includes diagnosing and treating of hearing loss for adults and pediatric patients, recommend and program hearing aids, cerumen management (ear wax removal), and diagnosing and treatment of vestibular balance issues. They work in various settings such as hospital, private practices, or University research programs.

OHIP covers hearing aids to some extend. The Assistive Device Program (ADP) covers up to $1000 ($500 per ear) every 3-5 years. Bloor hearing clinic will handle all application paperwork for patients to access funding so patients do not need to pay this amount when purchasing the hearing aids. We will work with you to find the best suited hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget, and offer flexible payment plans.

OHIP does not cover hearing tests or ear wax removal in audiology clinics. The good news is most insurance with work or private insurance plans do cover audiology services and our clinic will provide patients with a detailed invoice for insurance claim. We can also help you find our what your coverage is.

Ear wax removal may be uncomfortable, but should not be painful. Properly softened and emulsified wax can be removed easily and without pain. In some cases of severe blockage such as earwax impaction, patients may feel discomfort.

To experience the least discomfort during earwax removal, we recommend patients to soften the earwax at home with oil or special drops that we carry in the clinic. This will ensure a painless procedure at the clinic. Our audiologist is very experienced and have dealt with removal of impacted wax and deeply lodged foreign objects such as bracelet bead (the things you find in a child’s ears)!

Most insurance plans have Audiology coverage. We can help you find out.

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